Prospect Qualification

SALES TEAM CANADA identifies, generates, and qualifies leads which are converted to authentic prospects for closing. We can create qualified leads and work collaboratively with client supplied leads from existing lists, CRM, and contact databases. STC qualifies these leads prior to a senior sales resource intervention. It is not that six figure sales executives are incapable of such task (heavy lifting) – they just abhor the thought of dealing with receptionists and voicemail just to identify the appropriate decision maker in a prospective company.

STC provides valuable lead identification and “nurturing” to convert leads into “prospects” in the client’s respective CRM system. SALES TEAM CANADA provides the necessary prospect pursuit in order to identify “real” prospects from friendly buyers and tire kickers. STC based on the following attributes:

  • Identification of key decision maker

  • Lead Scoring – gauge the temperature

  • Ascertain next steps of contact

  • Confirm attribute accuracy

    In addition to existing contacts/leads within CRM systems, SALES TEAM CANADA will also “score” and “nurture” leads from product launches, events and tradeshows. On average, a senior sales resource will take up to 2 months to contact a tradeshow lead which their marketing departments have expended a great deal of money to generate. STC provides quick identification and validation ensuring proper follow up occurs with the right contact. By identifying the prospect “early” – it gives sales that extra window of closing opportunity which would otherwise be lost.


  • STC dramatically shortens client engagement cycle by identifying real prospects early

  • STC saves clients senior sales resources precious time and allows them to excel at what they do best “present the product/service and close promptly”

  • STC gives sales teams air cover, support, and campaign effectiveness resulting in increased productivity and sales efficiency

  • STC gives companies the timely campaign support to positively impact quota

  • Clients utilize STC when needed for specific purposes – without affecting permanent headcount